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Notice of the use of refueling machines in summer

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In summer, the temperature rises, it is the peak time for the failure of filling equipment in the gas station, and it is also the high incidence period of safety accidents in the gas station. As a special explosion-proof measuring instrument, we need to pay attention to the following matters when we use it in summer:

First, often check the grounding device of the refueling machine reliable grounding

The grounding of the refueling unit is good, which can effectively eliminate static electricity, filter out external interference, increase the working stability and data parameter security of the computer motherboard of the refueling unit, and can well eliminate the hidden danger caused by static electricity.

Two, often check the grounding resistance of the oil gun

Oil gun, movable joint, hose and oil detector should be conducted reliably. If the grounding of the oil gun is not good, when refueling, the static electricity on the vehicle can not be released through the oil gun, movable joint, hose, oil device, tanker, ground wire, the earth, which will cause the ignition phenomenon between the oil gun and the vehicle tank when refueling, which may cause dangerous accidents.

Three, often check whether the exhaust pipe of the tanker is smooth

When the weather is hot, the exhaust pipe of the refueling unit will exhaust more air. If the exhaust is not smooth due to artificial sealing or other reasons, the refueling unit may have the following faults:

1, the tanker measurement is not accurate;

2. Oil and gas separation failure of the tanker, there are bubbles in the oil device, and gas is discharged when refueling;

3. Pause when refueling;

4, refueling switch machine jump number;

5, hot tanker oil;

6, oil and gas separator or combined pump, gear pump,pump body;

7, the oil detector glass burst;

8. The internal leakage of the refueling unit causes the leakage of the valve and the joint seals.

Four, often check the temperature of the tanker

When the weather is hot, some refueling shading measures are not perfect, the sun exposure leads to the refueling engine temperature is too high, and then cause the refueling engine to appear the following failures:

1, hot tanker oil;

2, the tanker refueling stop;

3, when the tanker refueling flow from hight to low;

4, refueling machine switch jump number;

5, the LCD screen is damaged;

6, the main board is not stable;

7, battery damage;

8. Transformer and power board are damaged;

9, the oil device glass burst.

Five, we should pay attention to check the internal pressure of the tanker

When the weather is hot, it will cause the internal pressure of the tanker to increase further. When the pressure of the tanker is too large, it will shorten the service life of the tanker, and then cause the following faults:

1, the vibration of the tanker is too large;

2, switch machine jump number;

3. Oil pump is damaged;

4. The solenoid valve diaphragm is damaged;

5. Oil leakage occurs in each joint component;

6, the oil detector glass burst;

7. Oil leakage after the oil gun is closed;

8. When refueling, too much oil and gas volatilization will increase the smell of oil and gas in gas stations, which is not only harmful to environmental protection, but also a security risk;

9, the flow meter leakage is too large, resulting in inaccurate measurement.

Six, often check whether the inside of the tanker oil leakage

If the internal oil tankers, can lead to the bottom of the tanker oil accumulation is overmuch, coupled with the high temperature weather, especially easy to volatilize, gasoline gasoline vapor density than air, so easy to gather in low-lying place, can form explosive mixtures with air, any tiny sparks or static can trigger dangerous gas station accident is invisible to the naked eye.

7. Frequent attention should be paid to check whether the explosion-proof performance of each explosion-proof wire box is good, and timely elimination of safety risks

1. Whether the lead wire of each junction box is loose. If there is a loose phenomenon, the oil and gas will enter the explosion-proof box, and the spark of the explosion-proof box will jump out, thus causing safety accidents;

2. Whether the bolts of each explosion-proof box are fully installed and whether the sealing surface of the explosion-proof box is well sealed;

3. Whether the wiring terminals and connectors inside the explosion-proof box are installed securely, if they are loose, they will cause the ignition phenomenon, burn out the joint plug-in, and cause the work of the refueling unit to be abnormal, such as the pause of refueling and the lack of equal faults of the motor.

Eight, we should pay attention to check whether the power switch performance is good

The abnormal contact of the power supply switch of the tanker will cause the intermittent power supply of the tanker. Especially when the motor of the tanker starts, the voltage drop of the power supply of the tanker will be caused. The working moment of the tanker is abnormal, and sometimes the following faults will be caused:

1. The refueling machine stops when refueling;

2. The work of the main board of the tanker is unstable and data is lost;

3. The electrical control part is damaged

4. The fuel unit lacks phase and burns out the motor (the tax control fuel unit has the lack of phase protection function).

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