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Manhole Cover ZCMH-560/580


Product Description

Manhole cover is installed on the top of the tank to prevent the fuel leakage when tank is over rolled, built in PN vent to adjust the pressure. When there is pressure difference between inside and outside the tank, it will automatically lead into or echaust air to adjust the pressure so that it can ensure the safety and environmental protection. lt has second class open design. When open the up binder plate, it will release the pressure out to prevent the worker from the pushing over; in the main plater of the manhole, there are three blinding holes which can be installed with optic sensor, dip tube or external vacuum valve according to the user's demands hooped connecting way, which instead of flanged connecting to make the installation more convenient and reliable. It is suitable to transport petroleum, diesel, kerosene and the other light oil and so on.

Technical Parameter
Working pressure0.6MPa
Temperature range-20°C ~ 70°C
Emergency exhausting valve10"
Emergency open pressure21kPa~32kPa
Max. emergency flow rate7000m³/h
MaterialCarbon steel, Aluminum alloy
Connection modeFlanged, Hooped
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